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The Productivity Potion

Hello and welcome to the ALC School of IT Service Wizardry and this specific module, The Dark Arts of Financial Management. Today we are going to describe how to create a productivity potion. Five special ingredients are needed to create this potion. Ingredients: Previous year’s budget Price change information Business volume growth New services Forecast […]

The lost art of incident classification

Do you have a cluttered up incident management tool? Are your incident reports meaningless? Does the Problem Manager constantly complain about an inability to decide what to investigate? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you could have lost that art form known as incident classification.   Classification of incidents is […]

When the fan fails, who are you going to call?

ITIL IRL… Tales From Singapore. On Saturday, I bought a new table fan.  The old one was beyond economic repair and had died sometime during the night. It was old and getting clogged with long dark hair (not mine, obviously) and cigarette ash (mine, of course) but I was loath to replace it because it […]

ALC’s Record Year to Date 100% Pass Rate

ALC’s Record YTD for 2013 – 100% pass on all COBIT 5 Foundation Examination attendees in Asia Pacific!! COBIT 5 Foundation in Melbourne held from 20 to 22 May 2013 with Neil Broadhead. Congratulations to the COBIT 5 Foundation course delegates this week, who have all passed.

Should you use ITIL or COBIT?

You have come to the realisation that the pain that you are suffering can no longer be treated with simply more palliative quick fixes… it is time for a more permanent cure. Symptoms include: High stress levels due to rising costs often caused by failure of IT initiatives or projects delivered late or over budget […]