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Scrum Master Certified

Master Scrum in just two days

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a project management process that promises to restart the flow of work in a log-jammed organisation and to help the product or service get to the end user more quickly.

While it looks like an acronym, in fact, the term is simply borrowed from the game of rugby, where a scrum restarts a game after an accidental interruption. Proponents of Scrum build further on this analogy by comparing the way rugby players interact with the whole team during a scrummage, passing the ball back and forth. The hallmark of Scrum project management is its focus on teamwork and meeting the ultimate goal one “sprint” at a time.


Course Objectives

This two-day Scrum Master™ course is designed to engage and immerse you in the fundamental principles of Scrum. The course will:

  • provide an understanding of the Scrum philosophy and principles
  • provide practical knowledge of Scrum, including roles, meetings and artifacts
  • prepare participants to be comfortable applying Scrum in their organisations as well as managing common issues and roadblocks

The course offers a wide range of highly practical tactics, techniques and tips that work in the real world. It has been designed to be interactive and features a blend of activities, exercises, in-depth discussions and presentation segments to ensure that all learning styles are engaged.

The course is led by Laurence Archer, one of the most experienced and accomplished project management trainers in Australia.  In addition to Scrum, Laurence is fully qualified in PRINCE2® , MSP®, Agile®, MoP®, P3O®, Managing Benefits™and Lean Six Sigma.


Course Methodology

We promise a highly engaging course that ensures high retention of concepts and theories.

  • Participants are encouraged to work through the concepts rather than just listen to them. This provides better internalisation and retention.
  • We conduct role-plays and discuss practical implementation issues for all parts of the Scrum flow.
  • Participants work through a case study to simulate product development using the Scrum Framework.



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