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Social Business Best Practice Framework

Engaging Customers and the Enterprise into the Social World

Social Business

Engaging Customers and the Enterprise into the Social World

Featuring Social Business Performance Framework®

Presented by Scott Ward

Leading authority on the application of connective technologies in business and government

How do we engage our customers and employees in a world of social business?

Social media is transforming the way business is conducted: new ways for customer engagement, new ways for communicating across the supply chain.

socialbusinessYet, exciting as this may sound, most executives and managers are having trouble getting a handle on it all – why they are participating or how to measure success. 

The typical response is to send someone to a course on Facebook or on social media marketing. But these courses usually focus on features and sell features as if they were a business strategy.  They’re not.  Social business is more than social media marketing.

Ironically, more than 90% of companies who seek to build their social capabilities actually have no strategy at all when they jump into social media.  As a result, the social media initiative too often ends up morphing into some reactive meandering beast.

ALC’s important new training program, based on the Social Business Performance Framework®, places strategy where it belongs – first in the list.  The program is designed for anyone in business or government who is grappling with the enormous challenges and opportunities brought about by social media and who understands the power that a best-practice framework can bring to business processes.

The Social Business Performance Framework® is a true breakthrough for engaging and growing key communities. In the ever-changing world of connective technologies it provides a foundation on which to build your social engagement strategies. This program explains in depth the five key elements critical for success and provides the foundation for anyone who wishes to incorporate social media into their business model.

What is the Social Business Performance Framework®

The Social Business Performance Framework® is a true breakthrough for engaging and growing consumer communities. In the ever-changing world of connective technologies the Social Business Performance Framework provides a sturdy foundation on which to build social engagement strategies.

The Social Business Performance Framework incorporates the latest thinking in social media community management and execution. It brings simplicity, structure and focus to social media undertakings that can be used to measure and assess the activity, build strategies and drive community engagement toward specific business objectives.

The Social Business Performance Framework makes social simple.  Built from years of experience, experimentation and research, the Social Business Performance Framework focuses on the five elements critical to success in social media.

Presented by Scott Ward


A chronic early adopter, his first involvement with emerging technology commenced in 1993 with a series of publications in the Sydney Morning Herald on cutting-edge computing. His interest in social media followed in 1999 as this new area was becoming established, and he went on to participate in and form social media communities.

As part of his postgraduate studies in Innovation and Enterprise, Scott undertook an extensive social media research project to identify best practice in the use of social media. He presented the findings as part of the Deloitte Breakfast Speaker series and at a national industry conference.

Since founding Digital Infusions in 2011 Scott has designed a range of social media materials and training programs to help businesses both large and small to take advantage of doing business with social media.  The strategies are designed to help organisations engage their existing stakeholder groups to forge new relationships with existing and potential customers.


Another first for ALC

ALC has a top record in being at the leading edge. This course on Social Business Performance Framework is another first for ALC

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